Esau Freeman

US Congressional Candidate

Esau Freeman is running for the US House of Representatives in Kansas’s 4th Congressional district. Esau is running to fight for hard working Kansans. Corporations and the super wealthy are rigging the system for themselves on the backs of our middle class. Esau Freeman will be a voice for the working class.

KS-04 includes all of Barber, Butler, Chautauqua, Comanche, Cowley, Edwards, Elk, Greenwood, Harper, Harvey, Kingman, Kiowa, Pratt, Sedgwick, Stafford, Sumner, and part of Pawnee counties in Kansas.

A Better Kansas, For All Kansans

We’re committed to a brighter future for all Kansans. By championing education, healthcare, and economic growth, we aim to make Kansas a place where everyone can thrive. Join us in our vision for a better Kansas for all

Abortion Access

We believe every woman in America deserves the freedom to make her own healthcare decisions, particularly those involving reproductive health, without government intervention.

Gun Violence

Gun violence has become a leading cause of death among our children and adolescents, a tragic reality we cannot accept. We support common-sense gun reform while still maintaining our Second Amendment rights.

Affordable Healthcare

Our healthcare system has been overpriced and unfair for decades. We must expand the Affordable Care Act to ensure that all Kansans have access to quality and affordable healthcare

Cannabis Reform

Cannabis reform through the legalization of cannabis offers numerous benefits, including economic growth, criminal justice reform, and improved public health. We support the responsible legalization of cannabis.

Join our movement and make a difference in your community! As a volunteer, you’ll help spread our message, engage with voters, and support our campaign efforts. Together, we can create a brighter future for all Kansans.


Donate to the Cause!

Without the donations from our proud supporters, none of this would be possible. While our opponent is being bought by the ultra wealthy and the big corporations, we rely on the people and organizations of Kansas.

Please support our campaign however you can!


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